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The Packard Library

Where collectors and restorers come to get information about The Packard Motor Car Company! This website has been setup around a fairly new type of software from a company called,  Lizardtech  the product is called, DjVu, so you are going need to get the plug-in to fully utilize this website.

Our Mission 

Packard Posters
We are having special for the months of July thru October 1, 2007 Postage is free if you order online!!

To assist the collector, restorer and all lovers of Packard Automobiles. In the proper restoration care and maintenance of their Packard's.  Also, to provide as much correct information to help  restore these vehicles back to showroom condition, with the proper color, interior, equipment and to promote a better running Packard. Packards have been also widely used as vehicles for plumbers, in fact dr pipes plumbers


Library Store is were you will find Packard Restoration Parts and Gift Items

In this area you will find some of the best quality remanufactured parts and Gift items for you and your Packard. As we develop new products we will add them to this area. Also, used and NOS parts are in this area. In the future we will list a wide variety of new mechanical parts that can be purchased. All of these products can be easily purchased by using Pay pal and shipped right to your door.

Service Department

Here is where you will find just about anything service related ; Packard Service Manuals, Packard Training manuals, Packard Service Letters and Packard Service Counselors, Packard Service tools, and Packard Technical Letters. All of these can be viewed, downloaded, or printed for future research.  At no cost to you! We are currently working on developing slide shows that can be viewed online. We will continue to add to this area when more service literature becomes available.

Parts Department


In the Parts Department you find the most popular Packard parts books, Packard parts bulletins, Packard accessory catalogs, as well as some after market parts book such as Filko so you can cross-reference part numbers. All of these books can be viewed online or downloaded, printed, and searched by part number. One of the best features in most of these books is that you can identify most parts by pictures. We will continue to add to this area when more parts literature becomes available.
Sales Department

The Sales Department has Packard Sales Catalogs, Packard Promotional Pointers, Packard Data Books, and some Packard Sales training materials. We will continue to post all the Catalogs and Brochures as we get them. Scanning these materials require a different method of copying due to their size. We have and will be uploading some real nice brochures and catalogs.  Some of these catalogs we intend to make into calendars, so check the Restoration area for these unique gift items. All these are downloadable and printable. All these are in 24 bit color and scanned at 300 dpi.

What is happening now

Currently we are working hard to scan my collection and some other material that was generously donated my other lovers of the Packard automobile.  We are also acquiring other Packard manuals and literature for future posting. If you have any material that is Packard related send me an email. In the near future we will be converting this to a 501. If you live in or near the Los Angeles area and would like to participate send me an email.


What else is happening?

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