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Packard Motor Car Company like many other Auto companies soon found that automobiles were becoming more complex. And this lead to a need for specialized tools for their product. It was around 1920 that Packard Car Company turned to Kent-Moore to supply there needs. This relationship lasted till the end of Packard production in 1956 and continued with Studebaker tills its demise in 1966. At first Packard put on the last page of their service letters when it needed to a page dedicated to "Packard Service Tools". It was in 1941 that Packard issued the first Packard Service Tools Bulletin.

Kent-Moore then started to produce a book for all their products that highlighted the needed Packard Tools for a dealership or repair facility. Even today Kent-Moore is the largest wholesale provider of specialized tools to the Automotive Industry. (Sells to only Authorized Dealers)

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Packard Service Tools Bulletins
Year Issue File Size Title Searchable Printable
Sept 10, 1941 No. 1   Equipment for 1941 No Yes

Service Tool Guides by Packard and by Kent-Moore
Year File Size Title Searchable Printable
1939   1939 Edition Issued by Packard No Yes
1940   1940 Edition Issued by Packard No Yes
1940   1940 Supplement No Yes
1941   Dec. 1941 Supplement No Yes
1946 15mb 1946 Edition for Packard No Yes
1950 3.9mb 1950 Edition for Packard No Yes

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