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Communicating With The Distributors and Dealers

In any large company there needs to be an organized way to send information to the distributors, dealers and service repair shops. Packard Motor Cars was no different.  Many of these letters pertain to a certain area of the automotive business. We decided to keep them together so they can be looked at by year. Rather than breaking them up to their respective areas. That is General, Sales and Parts and Service. Automotive companies even today are organized in the same manner although automotive companies do not use distributors anymore. And service and parts are now organized into there own branches. I have only about 100 of these letters and I will revise the descriptions when we get more of them.

Letters to Distributors and Dealers and Independent Garages

Letters sent to individuals or distributors and dealerships

General Trade Letters

Related to marketing, advertising and promotion of the product.

Trade Letters

Sales related

Service Trade Letters

Parts and Service related

Treasurers Office & Dealership Agreements



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