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Ok, just what is the Reference Book of Mechanical Information? This reference book was started by Packard Motor Car Company in 1935. All the information in this book relates to a topic in the Packard Service Letters. As an example, if you look under the section Body - page 1 you will see an article named, "Why cars get "Sunburned" Are you telling your Customers this?" You will see a date, that date is 5-15-35. If you were to look up the Packard Service Letter dated 5-15-35 you will see this article in that service letter. This reference was a quick way for the Service Manager, Service Salesmen, and Technician to look up information that was in Packard Service Letters. Packard sent these supplements to it's dealers and distributors most likely two times a year or depending on what was in the Service Letters.

Rather than put these under one file we have decided to split them up into groups. This decision was made due to the fact that we are missing a lot of pages.

NOTE: If anyone has some literature that looks like these and would like to donate them please send me an email at: [email protected] . We would like to make this book as complete as possible.

To View these files you need to download the DjVu Plug-in get it here:
Reference Book of Mechanical Information
Section Pages Missing Pages Missing
Body Pages 16 - 31 33 - Ukn
Brakes Pages 5 - 6 8 - Ukn
Chassis Pages 8 - 21 25 - Ukn
Clutch Pages 2 - 10  12 - Ukn
Electrical Pages 12 - 24 27 - Ukn
Motor Pages 20 - 54 61 - Ukn
Rear Axle Pages 3 - Ukn
Shocks & Springs Pages 10 -22 25 - Ukn
Standard Sizes & Adjustments Pages 3 - 35 37 - Ukn
Steering Pages 6 - 14 17 - Ukn
Transmission Pages 3 - 16 18 - Ukn
Wheels & Tires Pages 2 - 4 6 - Ukn

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