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Parts Manuals / Parts Books
Packard Motor Company released many parts manuals to it's Authorized Distributors and Dealerships. Then during the year Packard would then release supplements to these manuals.
One must remember that some parts were interchangeable from one year to the next and that is the reason we see some manuals span more than one year. Later Packard started to issue super sessions in the manuals. Where part numbers were superseded to another number. When looking up part numbers for a given application you should check the latest edition.
Accessory Catalogs / Books
Most every year Packard issued a book of accessories offered for the new model year. In these books you can see pictures of some of the optional accessories that Packard offered.
Accessory News
Through out the model year Packard would send out flyers about certain accessories. Most of these show the new accessories that where offered and also showed and accessory that was superceded.
Parts Bulletins
Parts Management
Autolite, Delco-Remy, Filko and other parts books
Here you will find some of the rarest parts books around. All of these can be downloaded, printed, and searched. One of the best features in most of these books is that you can identify most parts by pictures.
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