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All of these manuals are downloadable or can be viewed online (see note below). You can search any part number "hint: when searching always start the search from the first page" in any manual. We have also set these up so they can be printed. All of these manuals can be put on your desktop for easy loading, also can be loaded to a Pod and taken to a swap meet to look up parts.
To View these files you need to download the DjVu Plug-in get it here:
Note: Most of these parts manuals are very large some exceed 350 pages. If you do not have a good computer and internet connection it's recommended that you download the manuals rather than view them online.
IMPORTANT! If you are going to view and search the manual online wait till the manual loads in cache.
To make the parts book more computer friendly we have included a new index page it will be located on page # 3 for every book we scan.
Parts Manuals
Years Covered
File Size
Searchable Printable
1932   Light "8" 900 series 1st Yes Yes
1937 - 39 15.5mb Service Parts List for Super 8 & 12 Jan, 1939 Yes Yes
1935 - 1940 23.7mb 120,B,C 110 and 160 Master Parts Book 1942  1st Yes Yes
1941 - 1947 15.1mb Clipper Master Parts Book 1947 1st Yes Yes
1942 9bm Service Parts List - Covers 110,120,160180 Issued May, 1942 Yes Yes
1948 - 1955 207mb 22nd thru 54 Series Dec, 54 NO working on fix Yes
1955 - 1956 15.3mb 55 & 56th Series Parts and Accessories Parts List Revised April 1, 1957 Yes Yes

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