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Packard Service Manuals / Repair Manuals / Repair Books

Over the years Packard sent to its dealers a wide variety of repair books. The first book sent at introduction of model or year was the Preliminary repair book. Then the more comprehensive service manual was sent, it went into a lot more detail about the given production models. In 1937, Packard started to provide through it's dealers and distributors repair books to independent repair shops. This appears to have lasted to 1942 as I have not seen that type of books after that date.

Packard Training Manuals

Training technicians was very important to getting the product repaired correctly. That holds true today as it did then and Packard utilities a wide variety of material to promote this. Packard had training schools that technicians attended setup through out the United States as well as in all countries that sold Packard's. Films as well as film guides, flip charts, flow charts, and component repair guides. Such as transmission, engine, etc. All were focused on providing the technician with the latest and best information.

Packard Service Letters / Counselors

In 1926 Packard Motor Car Company started to issue Service letters to its Authorized Distributors and Dealerships the name was changed later to Service Counselors. In 30's Packard also sent some of these bulletins independent repair facilities. Over the years the look changed especially when Packard merged with Studebaker in the 1950's. When Packard ceased to production Studebaker started to send out the service information to the technicians in the field.

We are only going to post up to 1959 since most references to Packard's were dropped before that date and the vehicles would have gone out of warranty by then. If any references to Packard show up in later service letters we will post those too.

Packard Technical Letters

When something needed immediate attention Packard sent Technical Letters to the dealers for the technicians use. They outlined specific problems and addressed the solutions. These letters also included repair procedures that have been changed to address or modifications to parts. All these letters are vary scarce and hard to find in good condition.

Packard Service Management

Another important aspect of running a good repair facility was service management. And Packard provided the Manager with all types of literature to help organize the books to promoting service sales - in fact many of the early Service Letters deal with the aspect of promoting good relations between the dealer and its customers.

Reference Book of Mechanical Information

This book is one of the most difficult to get in a completed form. The first reference to this book was in 1935. Once or twice a year Packard Motor Car Company sent out to it's dealers and distributors supplement that were to be included in a book. Each article referred to another article in the Packard Service Letters.  It was meant as a quick way for the Service Manager and Technicians to look up items that were referenced in the Packard Service Letters.

Packard Service Tools

Early on the Automotive Industry recognized the need for specialized tools for their products. And Packard Motor Car Company was no exception. They like all the others went to a company called Kent-Moore. They became the automotive industries company to produce these tools.

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